Watch real JCB ki Khudai: Cops flatten modified Royal Enfield exhausts with JCB [Video]

Aftermarket exhausts are a major nuisance to society. Police forces from various states have started taking strict actions on such motorcycles with aftermarket exhausts. While in many major cities, police action against such motorcycles includes seizing them or issuing fines, many cops take up the job of destroying the aftermarket silencers to make sure that they do not come back to the roads.

Karnataka Police in Davangere, near Bangalore took up the job of destroying the aftermarket exhausts of seized Royal Enfield bikes. It is not known how many exhausts were destroyed but from the video, we can make out that there are near about 50 aftermarket silencers. The video put up by NIZAM BILAL DAVANGERE shows the police using a JCB Backhoe to crush the silencers.

It seems like the video has been taken at a police station compound in the region and the press was called to record the operation. Such coverage in the press will definitely encourage the youths to stay away from the modified and aftermarket silencers, which are illegal on the public roads. The police often issue a fine and ask the owners to get the stock exhaust fixed and get it inspected by the local authorities. However, getting caught twice with a modified exhaust can be a different thing altogether and the cops may seize the motorcycle. In this case, the exhausts of such seized motorcycles were being destroyed. The video also shows the seized motorcycles parked at the compound of the police station.

Incidentally, all the motorcycles shown the video are Royal Enfield motorcycles. There are numerous aftermarket exhaust options available for Royal Enfield motorcycles in India and many of them are extremely loud and exceed the noise decibel level set up by the government. The legal limit of a two-wheeler exhaust in India is 80 dB, however, many aftermarket exhausts can make a noise of up to 140 dB, which is extremely loud and creates noise pollution.

Watch real JCB ki Khudai: Cops flatten modified Royal Enfield exhausts with JCB [Video]

Why they are still on sale then? Well, full exhaust upgrade, which also sounds louder than the stock version of the bike can increase the performance of the bikes by providing a quicker exit of the gases. However, these aftermarket exhausts on Royal Enfield bikes do not do anything like that. Instead, they just accentuate the noise and make it louder. It should be noted that the sale of these aftermarket exhausts is not illegal in India but using them on the public roads is illegal. So where can you use them? One can use such loud exhausts at the racing tracks or private property but not on the public roads.

This is not the first time that the exhausts are being crushed and destroyed by the cops in India. Earlier this year and even last year, cops destroyed hundreds of exhausts using specialised tools and JCB heavy-duty vehicles.

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