These Royal Enfield Motorcycles Throw Flames Out of Silencers: Know More [Video]

Royal Enfield Flame Thrower Exhaust Featured

Most high-end performance cars are known to throw flames from their exhausts at very high RPMs. Many regular cars and bikes with aftermarket exhaust also show the same flame throwing effect. Watch the video here as it shows various Royal Enfield motorcycles with aftermarket exhaust throwing flares.

Royal Enfield aftermarket exhaust throwing flames

Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most modification-friendly bikes in India. Most of the Royal Enfield buyers go for aftermarket exhausts, which are much louder than the stock exhausts and sometimes throw flames out of them too. This video shows various Royal Enfield motorcycles at the same place revving hard and throwing sparks. The video is from Royal Enfield Rider Mania, which is the official get-together event of the Royal Enfield owners and fans across India.

The exhaust flame causes due to various reasons. One of the most common reasons is the aftermarket exhausts. Most of these exhausts are free-flow and allows unrestricted movement of the exhaust gases. If the vehicle is running rich, the particles of fuel may remain in the exhaust gases, which are extremely hot. The fuel comes out of the exhaust and catches fire as soon as it gets the oxygen from the air. In the stock exhaust systems, the flow of the exhaust gases is restricted, and the pressure is taken off by the exhaust system itself.

These Royal Enfield Motorcycles Throw Flames Out of Silencers: Know More [Video]

The back-fire pop is quite popular among the Royal Enfield bike owners. It should be noted that the exhaust fire coming out shows a highly inefficient system. The unburnt fuel comes out to produce flame and is wasted. This decreases the fuel efficiency of the bike too. However, it is mesmerising to watch, isn’t it?

Royal Enfield motorcycles are the first target of the police of various states. Now that the modification of any kind has been banned by the Supreme Court of India, a crackdown on bikes with an aftermarket exhaust system is expected to start soon. Royal Enfield motorcycles have the highest number of such aftermarket exhausts installed on them.

Last year, many motorcycles including superbikes were issued fines by the cops and the RTO for installing aftermarket exhaust systems. Two-wheelers have a maximum limit of 80 dB in India and any more noise from them is illegal. Many exhausts were seized and destroyed in the public view to show how ruthless the cops will act with such bikes. However, there are still many bikes on the roads with an aftermarket exhaust system.

Aftermarket Exhausts can increase the performance of the bike as it offers a better exhaust flow rate. However, most of these exhausts do not comply with the noise levels and are more polluting than the stock exhaust systems too. Such exhausts can be bought and can be used freely on private properties like a race track or inside someone’s home, but they are illegal on the road. We at CarToq are definitely fascinated by all the dramatic stuff people do their machines, but that does not mean we would do any of this on our own, on public roads. We strongly advice you – do not try any of these on the road.