Watch Sachin Tendulkar get AMAZED by his BMW 5-Series ‘self-parking’ feature: Video goes viral


Days ago, Indian cricketing great Sachin Tendulkar, took to micro blogging platform Twitter to post about how thrilled he was with the ‘self-parking’ feature of his BMW 5-Series luxury sedan. The former cricketer even posted a video showing the BMW 5-Series sedan’s self-parking feature in action, where the car can be seen steering on its own while maneuvering into the parking spot. This video has Sachin Tendulkar referring to Anil Kapoor, and his Mr. India movie, saying that this is his Mr. India moment. Anil Kapoor, upon reading Tendulkar’s tweet and watching the video, even tweeted back. The Internet wet viral with Tendulkar’s video, which has been favourited by over 75,000 people and watched by more than 6 lakh people. Notably, Sachin Tendulkar is BMW India’s brand ambassador and owns a slew of high-end BMW cars, from the M5 to the 7-Series and a few SUVs in between. Clearly the luxury car maker has gotten bang for its buck.

The new G30 BMW 5-Series luxury saloon was launched in India a couple of years ago, and will soon get a facelift. The car is among BMW’s best sellers, and over 20,000 units of the luxury sedan have been sold in India, spanning multiple generations. While the new 5-Series was launched in four variants, BMW now offers three variants after analysing demand. Prices of the car start from Rs. 59.2 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi, for the base petrol 530i trim.

The most popular version is the diesel engined 520d trim, which is priced at Rs. 58.7 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi while people looking for a high-performance diesel opt for the 530d MSport trim, which is priced at Rs. 66.2 lakhs. All three trims of the BMW 5-Series comes with an 8 speed ZF torque converter automatic gearbox as standard, ans are rear wheel driven. BMW offers the Parktronic (autonomous/self parking) feature in this car. This feature was first offered on the new 7-Series luxury saloon, and is now being offered on more BMW cars.

Watch Sachin Tendulkar get AMAZED by his BMW 5-Series ‘self-parking’ feature: Video goes viral

Notably, self-parking is a technology that promises to filter down to cheaper, sub-Rs. 20 lakh cars in the coming years. Already, the Skoda Octavia sold in India gets this feature, and it’s only a matter of time before more cars get this. Among the lower priced cars that get the Park Assist feature, the previous generation Volkswagen Passat was among the first cars to get this feature, way back in 2011. Back then, the car would only steer itself into the parking slot and the driver still had to control the throttle and brakes. In case of the new G30 BMW 5-Series, the car’s autonomous parking function goes a step ahead to steer, brake and control the throttle while self-parking itself. While this feature is very handy for decent sized parking slots, the driver will still have to take manual control for very tight parking spaces, where the car’s self-parking system will simply determine that it’s too tight for parking safely.