Watch the new Suzuki Swift drifting INSIDE a house like a boss! [Video]

The Suzuki Swift is quite popular in global markets and has a fan following, a few weeks back, a promotional video showed show a new customer sells his old Swift to get a new one that he drove out enthusiastically from the showroom. A video of the same person shows him drifting inside an abandoned building like a boss!

Swift drifting

The Swift can be seen pulling off various stunts like handbrake turns, power slides and precision driving. The hatchback gets out of extremely narrow places that can barely fit the whole width of the Swift with the ORVMs folded. It went on different surfaces including dirt and tarmac and brilliantly executed the whole scenario.

This video has been shot in Hungary and the Swift seen here is quite different from the India-spec model. In Hungary, two engine options are available with the Swift and both of them are petrol engine options. There is the 1.2-litre Dualjet engine that produces a maximum of 88.5 Bhp and a 1.0-litre BoosterJet engine that also available with the Baleno RS in India.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a global product and the all-new version of the popular hatchback was launched in various different countries.  It should be noted that the Swift in Hungary also gets Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which is not available in any of the variants of the Swift in India.

Watch the new Suzuki Swift drifting INSIDE a house like a boss! [Video]

The ESP cannot be turned off and it prevents the vehicle from sliding out like shown in the video. The ESP is not switchable in Swift, which means it cannot be turned off. To disable it, the driver just took out the fuse of ESP, allowing the vehicle to slide and drift. The ESP ensures the safety of the occupants and keeps it from sliding and losing control during high-speed manoeuvres.

The manual version used to make the video comes with a 5-speed transmission. The 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine in the Swift produces a maximum of 108 Bhp and 170 Nm. The Swift driver can be seen pulling up the handbrake to do the turns and slide the rear out. It is a front-wheel driven car, which makes it very difficult to put the tail out and make it drift.

Front-wheel cars are not easy to control during such stunts. Taking high speed turns and pulling the handbrake is the only way to make an FWD (front wheel drive) vehicle slide or make it do a short drift. However, the FWD cannot hold a drift for long enough. The RWD vehicles on the other hands are quite easy to drift when compared to the FWD vehicles. This why many stunt riders love RWD cars for the stunting.

The hatchback looks in the stock condition and has not been modified in any way for the video. It should be noted that Suzuki also offers the powerful Swift Sport in the Hungarian market but the regular Swift was used to make the video, which makes it even more spectacular.

And most importantly, let us warn you that these are stunts by professionals, and we would not advise you to try out any of these on your own.

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