Watch the Royal Enfield Thunderbird’s tank get plastic wrapped in under 5 minutes


Wrap jobs are getting more popular with each day passing. They have already become an excellent alternative to regular paint jobs. This is because they require relatively less effort and time than a full-on paint job. Also, they can be easily removed when the owner feels so, which, however is not the case with paint job. Today, we have brought you a video which highlights another great advantage wrap jobs have.

This video by Zra Hatke Vlogs shows a transparent plastic sheet being wrapped over the fuel tank of a Royal Enfield bike. Let’s take a look at the video before discussing any further.

As seen in the video, a clear plastic wrap is placed over the fuel tank of the bike. This wrapping has not been done for any aesthetic reason, which is the case with most of the wrap jobs. What this clear plastic sheet does is to eliminate any chance of corrosion of the fuel tank surface. Petrol spills, bird droppings and other natural causes won’t be of any problems now since the whole metal tank has received a transparent plastic coat. Also, it makes the surface gleam and shine brilliantly, which is an added benefit.

For the application, first the sheet is placed properly over the tank. After this, a heat gun is used to stick the plastic layer properly over the tank surface. A bubble remover is then used to eliminate any air that remains trapped inside the plastic. The process is repeated over and over again on all parts of the tank till a perfect finish is not achieved. Then, a fine blade is used to make the required cutouts, which basically means the fuel lid opening.

Royal Enfield Tank

The bike used in the video is a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 X. The Thunderbird 350 X is powered by a 346cc carburetted single-cylinder air-cooled engine, which is the same as used on the regular Thunderbird 350. The engine churns out 19.8 Bhp of power of total power and 28 Nm of peak torque. The engine comes mated to a five-speed gearbox and the bike recently got an ABS upgrade as well. The ABS variant is about Rs. 15,000 expensive than the non-ABS model. Also, there is a 500 cc version of the Thunderbird X too, which produces 27.2 Bhp of power along with 41.3 Nm of torque. It is also the same engine as found on the other 500 cc bikes by Royal Enfield.

The Thunderbird ‘X’ series by Royal Enfield is a more stripped down and stylish version of the regular Thunderbird bike. It has been made by the company to target the average city rider and. It has a comfortable seating position with similar positioned handlebars, both of which ensure a comfy ride. The company also offered youthful colours with the X series like orange and red among others. All variants of the Thunderbird including the X models are expected to get a full revamp in 2020, when the Bharat stage 6 emission norms kick in.