Watching your Royal Enfield motorcycle getting built may soon be possible

Retro-motorcycle giant Royal Enfield is said to be working on a plan that will allow select buyers of its motorcycles to watch their bikes getting assembled right at the factory. Royal Enfield is said to have deployed a team to figure out if this unique experience is feasible. An anonymous source has this to reveal about Royal Enfield’s new plan to give buyers a brand new experience, reserved usually for those who opt for super high-end cars and motorcycles.

Watching your Royal Enfield motorcycle getting built may soon be possible

While the aim behind this is to help create and retain the brand loyalty amongst buyers as many buyers would have never seen how a bike gets made it also helps in creating a sense of transparency in the manufacturing process. Creation of adventure rides, bike festivals and rider groups are a part of that Royal Enfield consumer culture.

Royal Enfield already offers formidable marketing initiatives that are the industry’s envy. From gathering Royal Enfield riders from all across the country through the flagship Rider Mania annual biker extravaganza to running motorcycle tours to far flung, picturesque parts of the country to even running a cafe in Goa, the brand is going from strength to strength. In fact, it’s like India’s Harley Davidson when it comes to creating a community around its motorcycles.

While Royal Enfield has been conducting factory tours for many years now, buyers getting to actually watch their motorcycles built is something that can be a lot more challenging considering the fact that the brand sells over 60,000 motorcycles each month. It’ll be interesting to see how Royal Enfield handles the new initiative, which is yet to be revealed publicly by the motorcycle maker.

Buyers are likely to be thrilled by such an experience, considering the fact that nostalgia, retro-styling and the aura around the Royal Enfield brand are the major driving factors behind purchases. By allowing buyers to actually witness the process of their motorcycles’ creation, Royal Enfield is planning to venture into territory that no other motorcycle maker in India has ever ventured into.

Via MoneyControl