Ways to make your brakes last longer

Ways to make your brakes last longer

The brake is the most basic component of vehicle safety. They are consumable items that do wear out over time. Here are ways to make them last longer.

Cut Speed


The first and the most important thing is speed. The faster you go, the more the more the effort on the brakes to slow the car down. Another thing is hard braking. Try judging traffic and braking progressively rather than brake at the last moment. The gentler you are on the pedal, the lesser you are going to wear your brakes.

Coast more


If you see that a traffic signal upfront has become red, don’t drive up to it and then stomp on the brakes. Coast your way to the signal. You anyways can’t go past a red signal so why speed up to one? This will not only help save your brakes, but will also improve fuel economy.

Lose weight

lose weight

If you are carrying more weight, your brakes will need to work harder to bring the car to a halt. Don’t overload your car with people of goods. Remove things from the car that are unwanted. Say you have a roof rack, remove it and keep it at home unless you plan on going on a trip where you will actually need it.

Keep this in mind when you are changing your alloy wheels. Try opting for alloys that either weigh similarly or lesser than the ones replacing it. Putting heavier alloys will surely put more load on the brakes.

Use engine braking

engine braking

If you are the sort who judges traffic and acts accordingly, this one will help you. There are certain instances where dropping a gear is enough to reduce the speed rather than pressing the brakes.

Change brake pads on time

pad finish

Keep an eye on your brake pad wear. If you hear a grinding noise while braking, chances are that the compound of the brake pad is over and the metallic surface at the end is now being used to slow the car down. This will cause damage to your brake discs and will eventually require you to change both the pads and the disc, rather than just the pads.

 Choose the right replacement

disc over

When your brake pads get over, opt for OEM pads. If you do plan on going aftermarket, ensure that you do your research before choosing the pads. There are some pads that may have a harder compound that will not wear as much but will cause excessive wear to the discs. If the compound is too soft, then the pads will wear out a lot quicker.