We drive Skoda’s flagship model the Superb

The Superb is Skoda’s flagship model. This is the third generation of the Superb in the Indian market. It was the second gen that really made the car popular, offering a whole host of features and engine/transmission options to suit all customers. We spent sometime with the all new third generation Superb to tell you what it’s like.

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In the looks department, the new Superb has undergone a drastic transformation. Where the previous generation was more elegant and understated, this one is very edgy and aggressive. The design is inspired by the Vision C Concept. The front end has the massive Skoda grill along with the bi-xenon headlamps with the LED DRL’s. This is similar to that on the Octavia, but this one has a 3D element with the bottom design element also being lit. The bonnet has sharp creases and Skoda has followed a different bonnet line which is now more towards the centre of the fender which is pretty interesting.

The side profile of the Superb has a strong shoulder line and the window section ends in a nice kink. At the back, the Superb gets LED tail lamps and those look really nice. According to me, this is one of the best looking cars in the segment today. Especially in this Rosso Brunello shade.

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On the inside, I was a little disappointed. Why? Well I currently own the new Octavia and the whole dashboard and layout is extremely similar to it. So it was a very familiar place to be in. But if you haven’t been in the Octavia, the cabin is a nice place to be in. There is a large touch screen system which controls all the car’s functions.

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The Superb gets ambient lighting with 3 colour options (green,blue,white). Fit and finish is top notch, as expected from the brand. The Superb features Andriod Auto, Mirror Link and Apple Car Play which makes it really nice to use, especially if you are driving.

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The car also gets heated and cooling seats, something which is needed in India’s hot climate. Another cool touch is the fact that the cup holders are cooled ones which is something that only comes in cars double its price.

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At the back, the Superb has acres and acres of space. There is also a 3 zone climate control so the people at the back can have their own temperature settings. Where the previous generation Superb had AC vents on the B pillar, this one has only the one’s at the centre. The seats are really comfortable and have adequate bolestering all over. Boot space is another area where the Superb can’t be matched. The new Superb has a massive boot and like all other Skoda’s, the boot opens up like a hatchback. The boot is electronically controlled and can be opened by swiping your leg under the rear bumper, a feature which we couldn’t make work for some reason.

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Having used the new Toyota Camry Hybrid for sometime, we thought we shall tell you how the car compares with it. At the back, though the Superb is extremely comfortable, the Camry manages to do better. Why? It has audio controls at the back and also the option of reclining the rear seats, something which only comes on the S Class. This sole feature makes the Camry stand out in the rear seat department. Yes, the interior quality is no match and features wise, the Superb is much better, but if you only have to look at it from a rear seat perspective, I found the Camry a little better.

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How is it to drive? Skoda has the option of both petrol and diesel engines on the Superb, however have currently stopped deliveries of the diesel variant. We had the top of the line petrol which comes with the 1.8 liter TSi engine making 177 Bhp and 250 Nm. The engine comes mated to the 7 speed DQ 250 gearbox. I have always been a fan of this engine and even on the Superb, it doesn’t disappoint one bit.

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Get behind the wheel and the experience is nothing short of rewarding. There is power available every time you press the throttle and the 7 speed DSG works like a dream and is very quick to respond. I found the unit being a little jerky at crawling speeds, but otherwise there was no other issue. The Superb comes with paddle shifters as well if you decide you want to take matters into your own hands. You can also use the more conventional gear lever if you don’t want to use the paddles in manual mode.

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The car also gets drive select which allows you to choose between normal, eco, sport and individual. Eco makes the car shift up a lot earlier to make the run economical, it also reduces the effectiveness of the AC. The sport mode puts the steering and gearbox in sport mode which means the shifts are held longer so that you can extract the maximum juice from the engine. It will also downshift you mid corner if it thinks you’ll the extra grunt moving ahead. This is something I really liked.

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If you are in a mood to enjoy good curving roads, the Superb is the best luxury sedan to do so. The body control on the car is phenomenal. Not only does it glide over the rough stuff, it also handles really well. In normal mode, the steering is lighter and the gearshifts happen at a lower rpm. The brakes on the Superb are really sharp as well which is something you will need if you are wanting to have an aggressive drive.

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Should you buy one? If you are the sort who loves to drive and is looking at something in this segment, look no further.  The Superb really has no competition in this respect. It is also extremely comfortable, looks fabulous, is well loaded and has acres of space. The car is great value for money as well. The only thing I found missing was the reclining rear seats and the option of audio controls at the back. If you don’t mind not having them, there is no competition to the Superb.

Variant wise pricing: 

Petrol: Style MT: Rs 23.83 lakhs, Style AT: Rs 25.13 lakhs, L&K AT: Rs 28.25 lakhs

Diesel: Style AT: Rs 27.73 lakhs, L&K: Rs 30.85 lakhs

All prices ex showroom Delhi

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