10 Cool Car Things To Try Before Midlife Hits

Car Models

By Aquib Nawab

For the true car enthusiast, India's vast road network offers breathtaking journeys. Cross-country trips provide adventure, challenges, and a sense of accomplishment. Start with Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Cross-Country Drive

Enhance your car's style with a spoiler but avoid going too flashy. Boost aesthetics without aero gains and keep your enthusiast image intact.

Adding a Spoiler

Trust us, track days bring unparalleled fun and thrill in a controlled environment. Explore affordable options at tracks nationwide – a must for car enthusiasts.

Go to a Track Day!

Journeying to the Himalayas can be life-changing for any car guy. These majestic peaks draw global tourists monthly, with India's highest passes offering a challenging ascent.

To the Top of the World

Cars require regular maintenance and care. Don't rely solely on mechanics – basic skills like fluid changes, tire checks, and filter replacements are essential for any car enthusiast.

Learn Basic Maintenance

Honestly, getting a private car license in India is easy, but heavy vehicle licenses demand advanced driving skills. A CV license can be a unique show-off item at parties.

Get a CV License

Off-roading demands patience and skill, with precise wheel positioning off the tarmac. For low-slung cars, consider renting SUVs. Explore academies like Mahindra Adventure for a rugged experience, perfect for a car guy like you.

Go Off-Roading

Many Indian car enthusiasts opt for mass-market brands. Dream cars like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Jaguar are attainable through rentals for unforgettable drives on your favorite roads.

Drive a High-End Car

Arriving in a stretched limousine is a must for any car enthusiast! Celebrate in style before becoming an 'uncle.' Limousines offer luxury, complete with a sofa, TV, and a mini-bar. Check it off your bucket list!

Arrive in a Stretch Limousine

Investing in a classic car is a significant choice for a car guy. Step back in time with vintage models like the Contessa or the first-gen Maruti 800. Consider owning one as a project car for weekend outings and gatherings, showcasing your true car enthusiast spirit.

Buy a Classic