10 Custom Yezdis & Jawas: A Nostalgic Ride

By Aquib Nawab

Bike Models

RVS Designs in Jaipur breathes new life into a Yezdi chopper by maintaining the original powertrain while giving it a true-blue American chopper bodywork and monoshock rear suspension.

Yamdoot by RVS Designs

Raw Angel by Dochaki Design

The 'Raw Angel' - A Classic Bobber: Dochaki Design's transformation of a Yezdi into a classic bobber includes a custom tank, minimalistic design, matte black finish, and a leather-wrapped single-seat.

Awarded the National Film Award for Best Actress, displayed her trendsetting status by trading her white Audi Q7 for a black Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. She was the first actor to embrace this top-tier luxury SUV.

DA Customs’ Cruiser

Darkside Customs' Outlandish Jawa Bobber: Pune-based Darkside Customs presents a radical Jawa-based bobber, custom-built from scratch, preserving only the original engine and spoke rims.

Jawa Bobber by Darkside Customs

Classic Cruiser Look for a 1960s Jawa: Witness a 1960s Jawa 250 transformed with a two-tone blue-white paint job and minor modifications, achieving a classic cruiser bike appearance.

Two-tone Jawa

Preserving the Glory of the Jawa 250: Experience the timeless charm of a beautifully restored Jawa 250 from the late '60s, showcasing original specifications and vintage allure.

Restored Jawa 250

A Second Glance at Restored Elegance: Delight in another stunningly restored Jawa 250, capturing the essence of the era and preserving its vintage spirit.

Another Restored Jawa 250

Classic White: The Restored Yezdi D250: Explore an impeccably maintained Yezdi D250 Classic adorned with a fuel canister carrier and a striking black-painted engine.

Restored Yezdi D250 Classic

Reviving the Legend: Yezdi Roadking: Admire a well-preserved Yezdi Roadking, a tribute to its storied history in motorsports, boasting a potent 250cc engine and twin exhausts.

Restored Yezdi Roadking

A Timeless Classic: Restored Roadking: Discover yet another impeccably maintained Roadking, delivering exceptional performance for its era, with a top speed of approximately 115 kmph.

Another Restored Yezdi Roadking