10 Dangerously Stupid Things Indians Do on Roads

By Aquib Nawab

Car Models

Sunroofs are designed to provide ventilation, but it's alarmingly common for people to misuse them by hanging out while the vehicle is in motion, creating the potential for catastrophic accidents.

Sunroof Misuse

High Beams Abuse

Many drivers misuse high beams by keeping them on constantly, blinding oncoming traffic and compromising road safety. High beams should only be used in extreme low-visibility conditions.

Specific purpose—to signal emergencies or vehicle breakdowns. However, they are often used frivolously, either as a fashion statement or to navigate through traffic, particularly in foggy or rainy conditions.

Hazard Lamps Misuse

Neglecting rearview mirrors can compromise your safety on the road. These mirrors are invaluable for maintaining situational awareness, especially while navigating blind spots and making turns.

Neglecting ORVMs

Reversing on the road, whether in city traffic or on highways, is a hazardous practice. Instead of reversing in your lane when you miss a turn, it's safer to look for the next opportunity to change direction.

Dangerous Reversing

Tailgating risks rear-end collisions, especially on highways, when the vehicle ahead suddenly brakes. This practice is even more perilous on high-speed highways.

Tailgating Hazards

Parking your vehicle in blind spots, such as curves or road edges, is a thoughtless act. While it may seem convenient for a quick stop, it endangers other road users who cannot see your vehicle until it's too late.

Blind Corner Parking

Driving against the flow of traffic is a reckless practice that can result in catastrophic head-on collisions. Even if you know the routes and divider gaps, this behavior is extremely dangerous, especially on high-speed roads.

Wrong-Way Driving

Riding on footpaths or broken dividers is a disruptive and perilous choice. It worsens traffic jams, endangers pedestrians, and undermines road safety.

Footpath Disruption

Engaging in conversations in the middle of the road is a careless act. It not only causes delays for other road users but also diverts attention from driving or riding, potentially leading to accidents.

Distracted Group Conversations