10 Expert Driving Habits vs. Beginner Traits

By Aquib Nawab

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Beginners often rest their foot on the clutch. Experts know it wears out the clutch and harms transmission.

1. Avoiding Clutch Misuse

High beams can blind others. Experts stick to low beams for everyone's safety on the road.

2. Preferring Low-Beam Headlamps

Instead of sudden brakes, experts predict and slow down gradually. This prolongs brake life and is safer.

3. Braking Wisely

Keeping an eye on all mirrors is vital. It helps in understanding road surroundings and avoiding mishaps.

4. Regular Mirror Checks 

Resting on the gear lever can wear out transmission parts. It's expensive to fix, so experts avoid it.

5. Not Treating Gear as Armrest

Start, wait a minute, and avoid high revs initially. For turbo engines, don’t rev high before stopping.

6. Mindful Engine Warm-Up & Cool Down 

Pushing the accelerator aimlessly at stops heats and wears out the engine. Experts avoid this.

7. Avoiding Unnecessary Revving 

Sticking to the fast lane without overtaking is lane-hogging. Experts use it only to overtake and then move.

8. Maintaining Lane Discipline 

Familiarize yourself with dashboard lights and car parts. Reading the car manual is a must for experts.

9. Knowing Your Car

Cultivate safe habits. From using seat belts to knowing the right way to park, experts do it right.

10. Mindful Driving Habits