10 Forgotten LML Scooters & Motorcycles

By Aquib Nawab

Scooter Models

A Bajaj Chetak rival, the Select 4 (2011) stood out with unique styling, clear indicators, and a 147.5cc engine, 8.6 Bhp, 11.3 Nm torque, 4-speed gearbox.

LML Select


A Bajaj Chetak rival with a premium look. The 2013 version had a 149.56cc engine, 8.5 Bhp, 11 Nm torque, and a 4-speed gearbox.

LML's motorcycle debut: The sporty Adreno. Powered by a distinctive 110cc 4-stroke engine (8.5 Bhp, 7.5 Nm), it boasted a rare 5-speed gearbox for its time.

LML Adreno

No fairing, same engine as Adreno (110cc, same power & torque), but with a 4-speed gearbox, providing a practical choice in the market.

LML Energy

The Freedom was a popular and slightly premium-looking model powered by a potent 109.1cc single-cylinder engine, delivering 8.5 Bhp and 8.5 Nm of torque.

LML Freedom

A souped-up version of the regular Freedom, packing a punch with its 125cc engine (10.7 Bhp, 10.4 Nm) and added safety with a front disc brake.

LML Freedom Prima 125

Bold step into the 150cc segment, designed by Ugolini. Unique design, 150cc engine (13.5 Bhp, 12.8 Nm), but poor after-sales service affected sales.

LML Graptor

Beamer was the naked version of the Graptor and shared the same engine and gearbox, though it didn't achieve significant success.

LML Beamer

LML's revival effort: The Star Euro 150. Decent style, chrome touches. Driven by a 150.82cc 4-stroke engine (9.4 Bhp), it marked their return.

LML Star Euro 150

LML's top-tier: The Star Euro 200. Powered by a 199.89cc 4-stroke engine (9.1 Bhp, 19.9 Nm), it sported a 4-speed gearbox and held the title of LML's priciest Indian offering.

LML Star Euro 200