10 Little-Known Facts about Mahindra You Need to Know

By Aquib Nawab

The Mahindra Group's journey began as a steel trading company in 1945, founded by Kailash Chandra Mahindra, Jagdish Chandra Mahindra, and Malik Ghulam Muhammad.

From Steel to Automobiles

Mahindra achieved the distinction of being India's inaugural manufacturer of off-road vehicles, starting Jeep production in 1949 under license.

Pioneering Off-Road Vehicles

Formerly known as REVA Electric Car Company, Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd marked India's first electric car manufacturer with the REVAi model and later acquired REVA.

First Electric Car Brand in India

In 2014, Mahindra acquired a controlling stake in historic French brand Peugeot Motorcycles, completing the acquisition in 2019.

Acquisition of Peugeot Motorcycles

Mahindra's ownership of the legendary Italian car design firm Pininfarina started with a majority stake acquisition in 2015.

Pininfarina: The Italian Gem

A joint venture with Ford India was established in 2019, where Mahindra initially held a controlling 51% stake, but the collaboration ended in 2021 due to global conditions.

Joint Venture with Ford India

Mahindra's flagship SUV, the Scorpio, was the company's first vehicle developed for international markets, earning numerous awards.

Scorpio: The First Global Model

Beyond automobiles, Mahindra has a history of producing military vehicles, including the Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle and Armored Straton Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Mahindra's Military Contribution

Mahindra is not only India's largest UV maker but also holds the title of the world's highest-selling tractor brand by volume, with a significant presence in North America and Australia.

World's Largest Tractor Manufacturer

Mahindra Racing is the only Indian team in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, achieving victories like the Berlin Electric Race and obtaining environmental accreditation.

Mahindra Racing