10 Nostalgic Bikes from Our Parents' Era

By Aquib Nawab

Old Bike Collection

A youth's dream scooter. Though lightweight and fuel-efficient, its tiny 60cc engine and 50kmph speed limited its appeal.

1. Bajaj Sunny

2. Kinetic Honda

First of its kind two-stroke auto scooter. Loved for its modern design, but its limited 98cc engine was its drawback.

An AVL-engine Bullet that lost its roar. It missed the classic Enfield sound, leaving many enthusiasts disappointed.

3. Royal Enfield Machismo

Moped magic from Hero and Puch. With 4 variants and Aamir Khan endorsing, yet it became a relic of the past.

4. Hero Puch 

A unique, lighter Bullet for those intimidated by the original. Yet, its unfamiliarity caused its demise.

5. Royal Enfield Mini Bullet

A common sight once, this motorcycle won many with its 80kmpl mileage. A success, but now a mere memory.

6. Hero Honda CD100

An iconic bike that's still in demand. Its peppy performance for a compact 100cc bike made it legendary.

7. Yamaha RX100

A favorite among North Indian milkmen. Its sturdy 175cc engine was reliable, but its age caught up with it.

8. Rajdoot 175

Iconic, powerful, and part of the Race Developed series. Though tuned for India, its powerful punch made it a rare gem.

9. Yamaha RD350

Legendary Czech bikes that once dominated Indian roads. Their unique charm is now reborn in modern Jawa bikes.

10. Jawa/Yezdi