4 Features Mahindra Scorpio-N Will Borrow from Scorpio Pik Up

By Aquib Nawab

Scorpio-N will get 5G connectivity, enabling faster speeds & advanced features via the Mahindra Adrenox app. 5G made its appearance with the Global Scorpio Pik Up concept.

5G Connectivity

5G adoption offers faster data transfers, enhancing user experience and fortifying driver assistance while setting the stage for advanced functions.

5G Benefits

Following XUV700's success, Scorpio-N will also ntroduce Level 2 ADAS. The Global Pik Up concept had it, and so will Scorpio N soon. It includes Lane Departure Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, High Beam Assist, Lane Keep Assist, and more.

Level 2 ADAS

Level 2 ADAS enhances safety with advanced driver assistance. It maintains lane discipline, recognizes road signs, and improves the driving experience while reducing fatigue.

ADAS Benefits

Scorpio-N will also get semi-auto parking from Global Pik Up. External cameras aid parking, especially valuable in tight spaces.

Semi-Automatic Parking

Semi-auto parking solves tough parking situations seamlessly. Enhances convenience, suits urban driving, and showcases Mahindra's dedication to modern driving.

Parking Convenience

Harman Kardon's 16-speaker system that showed up in the Global Pik Up will find its way to the Scorpio-N. Dolby Atmos & noise cancellation enhance the remarkable audio experience.

Harman Kardon Music System

Dolby Atmos integration provides immersive 3D audio in Scorpio-N. Vehicle noise cancellation further enhances audio quality, delivering an environment of excellence.

Audio Excellence