Ola's 4 New Concept Motorcycles

by Babychen Mathew

Ola unveils 4 electric motorcycles: All You Should Know

Ola unveils 4 concept bikes: Is there one for you here?

After a lot of teasers and hints over the last year, finally Ola Electric has revealed concept versions of their upcoming electric motorcycles. At the moment, there are few details available about the electric motors, power or even launch dates. But here is what we know so far.

1. Ola Cruiser

Modern, sleek and laidback, the Ola Cruiser sports a relaxed riding position. The concept Cruiser has a single-sided swing-arm rear wheel. It will offer 200-250 km range on one charge.

What is the Ola Cruiser?

The Ola Cruiser concept will definitely undergo design changes before its actual launch. It is made for both city and highway rides. No dates were announced by the company.

2. Ola Adventure

Off-road and on-road electric bike. It is designed like an adventure motorcycle, and will be built to handle off-roading. 

What exactly is the Ola Adventure?

This could become India's first electric adventure motorcycle. The Ola Adventure has an upright stance and looks quite imposing. It has 19 inch front wheels and 17 inch rear wheels.

3. Ola Roadster

The Ola Roadster electric motorcycle is your everday street fighter. This might be the first of the 4 bikes to launch. Why? Because the Roadster was the only one of the 4 which was actually ridden at the event.

What is the Ola Roadster?

The Ola Roadster can handle the highway but it's primarily a city bike. It is built for everyday use, and has dual disc front brakes and single disc rear. Boasts a 5 inch display and phone connectivity.

4. Ola DiamondHead Supersports

Dramatic, futuristic and perhaps the most tech-heavy of the four concept electric motorcycles. The Ola Diamondhead Supersports will be the flagship motorcycle from the company.

What is the Ola Diamondhead motorcycle?

Built to perform and built to impress. The Ola Diamondhead may take quite some time to launch, though. The bike targets the performance enthusiast segment, and Ola is likely to take their time before launching the Diamondhead.