5 Ford Vehicles You Might Have Forgotten

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By Aquib Nawab

In 1995, Ford introduced the Escort, its first Indian sedan, showcasing advanced features and leaving a mark before its discontinuation in 2001.

Ford Escort (1995-2001)

After the success of Escort and Ikon, Ford challenged German automakers in 2004 with the Mondeo, a luxury sedan powered by a 2.0L diesel (128 bhp) and 2.0L petrol (142 bhp) engines, but its high price led to discontinuation in 2006.

Ford Mondeo (2004-2006)

The niche appeal of the sportier Fiesta S, introduced by Ford to attract enthusiasts in India, but faced limited sales due to its ahead-of-its-time features. Powered by a 1.6L petrol engine (101 bhp, 146 Nm).

Ford Fiesta S (2000s)

Another Fiesta, but this time the facelifted 2014 model. Despite a hexagonal grille inspired by Aston Martin, it failed to resonate with buyers, who preferred the pre-facelift Fiesta for its more attractive design.

Ford Fiesta Facelift (2014)

Innovative move by Ford in 2004 with the Fusion, India's first crossover. Despite its unique blend of hatchback and SUV, it fell short of expectations, leading to discontinuation after six years.

Ford Fusion (2004-2010)