Forgotten Tata Cars & SUVs

Forgotten Tata Cars & SUVs

1. Tata Estate

Tata Estate - a 90s station wagon

Tata Estate was inspited by Mercedes station wagons. They were positioned as premium cars in the market.

What happened?

The Tata Estate came with power windows, power steering and tachometer. It had a 76 BHP diesel engine and a 5-speed transmission. Tata's reputation was part of the problem. At this time, Tata was still considered a truck-maker - and buyers just did not have adequate trust in the car.

2. Tata Sierra 2-door SUV

What happened to it?

India's first proper SUV! It had the right stance - upright - and a massive, dramatic rear glass area! TV ads of the time showed off the Sierra as a macho, adventurous SUV. People loved it - but the love did not translate into sales. The market just did not have enough buyers for an SUV.

3. Tatamobile pickup truck

What is it?

The Tatamobile was the first mass-market pickup truck in India. It was meant as a rugged vehicle for village farm duties and load carrying, while also being tough enough and sophisticated enough to pass off as a stylish vehicle.

What happened to the Tatamobile?

It still lives on! The descendants of the Tatamobile are still seen doing load carrying duties. It did not really click as a private vehicle, but the commercial segment embraced this pickup truck. Later, the Tata Xenon continued its legacy.

4. Tata Manza sedan

What happened?

This premium version of the Tata Indigo came with the Fiat 1.3 litre multijet diesel engine. It was positioned against the Hyundai Vera and Honda City, but the car just did not have the brand image to pull off a victory in that battle.

5. Tata Bolt hatchback

What is it?

Successor to the Indica, predecessor to the Tiago. With the Bolt, Tata tried to step away from the design of the Indica - and somewhat succeeded. But true success only came a couple of years later, with the introduction of the Tata Tiago hatchback. But the Bolt did its job - it made people look at Tata as a car company.

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