7 Rare Microcars Once Found in India

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By Aquib Nawab

Bajaj's 1980s venture into microcars with the PTV – an auto rickshaw-based concept. Featuring a 145cc single-cylinder engine and a metallic body, it never entered production.

Bajaj PTV

Meet Sipani Badal, India's Reliant Robin look-alike. Sporting a 198cc, two-stroke engine, and three wheels. Its fibreglass body made it easily tip over in certain conditions.

Sipani Badal

Fuldamobil's Scootacar arrived from Germany, featuring a distinctive wheel setup: two front wheels and one at the rear. Powered by a robust 500cc Villiers engine.


Gogomobile, a German microcar, found its path to India with a 250cc engine, hitting speeds up to 100 km/h. Manufacturing hurdles hindered its Indian success.


Preceding Tata Nano, the 1945 Meera Mini emerged as India's first two-seater car. Boasting all-rubber suspension and an air-cooled engine, it evolved into versions like the V-twin, producing 14 Bhp.

Meera Mini

Mini Jeep crafted by Trishul Crafts Auto Ltd, Patna, Bihar. Soft top, four seats, single-cylinder Greaves-Lombardini diesel engine, and foldable windshield for Jeep-like charm.

Trishul Diesel Tourer

The Kerala-based Rajah Group , known for making beedis, ventured into automobiles. A two-seater microcar powered by an 800-cc engine. Its boxy design set it apart from the crowd.

Rajah Creeper