By: Aquib Nawab

7 Things to Know About The Royal Enfield Motoverse 2023


Credits: royalenfield

New Royal Enfield Himalayan Launch

One of the year's most anticipated launches – Royal Enfield unveils prices for the new-gen Himalayan. We tested the adventure tourer, impressed by upgrades. At RE Motoverse, pricing news for owners and buyers.

Credits: royalenfield

Competitive Events

At RE Motoverse, motorcycling takes center stage. Test your skills in various competitive events: dirt riding, Slide School for sideways action, Trail School for off-roading, and a thrilling Hill Climb. Plus, take on the Hunter Maze Chase challenge!

Credits: royalenfield

Musical Gigs

Diverse music lineup celebrates 50 years of hip hop. Featuring Taba Chake, Benny Dayal, Gowri Lekshmi, Ranj & Cliffr, Oaff x Savera, Tech Panda X Kenzani, Seedhe Maut, Parikrama & Friends, and Easy Wanderlings!

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Custom-built Royal Enfields

At Motoverse, owners flaunt custom Royal Enfields in Shed Builds with 23 unique bikes. Expect creative mods inspired by Bullet to Interceptor, plus art, shopping, and galleries for motorcycle enthusiasts!

Credits: royalenfield

Stories From Adventurers

Motoverse connects you with seasoned adventurers and riders, sharing their thrilling experiences. This year's lineup features stories from a Dakar rally rider, racing enthusiast, base jumper, filmmaker, mountaineer, and more.

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Motorcycle Art, Accessories, and More

At Motoverse, a dedicated shop awaits Royal Enfield riders for genuine accessories, riding gear, and merchandise. Don't miss out on fantastic deals for your riding gear needs during the festival!

Credits: royalenfield

Motorcycle Camaraderie

Experience the camaraderie among motorcyclists at Motoverse. Connect with riders, get inspired by their stories, and enjoy diverse parades by riding groups each year.

Credits: royalenfield

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