Affordable Vintage Electric Vehicles: Drive License-Free for Just Rs 3 Lakh!

By Aquib Nawab

Car Models

This vintage-themed electric car from Pluto Motors boasts a classic white exterior. It comfortably accommodates two passengers, and the best part—it doesn't require a driving license.

Pluto Motors' Vintage Car

Pluto Motors' Features

Key features include a centrally-placed fully-digital instrument console, 19-inch tube-type tires, and LED auxiliary lamps. With a range of up to 100 km, this electric car relies on two batteries for power.

Feast your eyes on the 'Greenmaster,' a charming green-hued vintage-themed electric car. Designed for two, this vehicle tops out at 45 kmph and is motivated by a 1.2 kW electric motor.

Greenmaster Vintage Car

Greenmaster Features

The Greenmaster sports a centrally-placed dual-pod instrument console and sturdy spoke wheels with tube-type tires. It comes with a 3-year battery warranty and an impressive range of 100 km.

This vintage electric car pays homage to classic Rolls-Royce designs with its two-door layout and rounded wheel arches. The front grille features a distinctive round-themed chrome design with faux Rolls-Royce badges.

Rolls-Royce Classic Look Vintage Car

Inside, you'll find a steering wheel borrowed from a Maruti Suzuki Zen and a centrally-placed instrument console. With an 80 km range and a top speed of 80 kmph, it's an elegant choice.

Rolls-Royce Classic Look Features

The Royal Safari electric car is constructed from sheet metal and offers additional luggage space. Notably, it features a waterproof, removable roof and a monochrome instrument cluster.

Royal Safari Electric Car

You can choose between Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid battery packs for this vehicle. Enjoy a comfortable range of about 100 km on a single charge.

Royal Safari Features

Meet the electric Willys, a scaled-down version of the iconic Willys Jeep, complete with proportional dimensions. Charging in 4-5 hours, it offers a range of 100 km and a top speed of 45 kmph.

Electric Willys

Beneath the front hood, you'll find the battery, while the motor resides between the rear wheels. Priced at just Rs 2.50 lakh, it's an affordable choice for retro enthusiasts.

Electric Willys Features