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All New KTM Duke 1390R Images


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In succession to the 1290 Super Duke, KTM presents the new 1390R. This reflects the Austrian brand's commitment to power, agility, and innovation. A side-by-side comparison highlights the evolution from the 1290 model.

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Design Evolution

While retaining the overall styling of the outgoing model, the 1390R introduces changes in the LED headlight and winglets design. A split-screen showcases the subtle yet impactful design evolution.

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Enhanced Performance

The Super Duke 1390R packs a punch with its new 1350cc LC8 engine, cranking out an impressive 190bhp. Its cam shift system guarantees a wider power and torque range, revealed in a detailed cutaway diagram. 

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Technical Innovations

Technical enhancements include a redesigned airbox, shorter throttle bodies, and a revised ram air system. The top two gears have been modified to cover a more comprehensive speed range. 

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Fuel and Wheels

The 1390R boasts a larger 17.5-litre fuel tank and a marginal redesign of the wheels. Close-up shots provide a detailed look at the increased fuel capacity and wheel modifications.

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Electronics Suite

The electronics suite boasts cutting-edge features like riding modes, lean-sensitive traction control, and a vibrant TFT display. An optional anti-wheelie feature adds customization, with TFT display screenshots highlighting the abundant features.

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Price and Availability

The Super Duke 1390R is set for an imminent European launch. Expectations include a pricing structure slightly higher than the outgoing model. A countdown to launch graphic with the European flag creates anticipation.

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Riding Experience

Super Duke 1390R offers rider-centric features, including diverse riding modes, lean-sensitive traction control, and an optional anti-wheelie feature. Action shots capture the thrilling on-road experience.

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Market Impact

Anticipation builds for the Super Duke 1390R's impact in the hyper-fast street bike segment. A comparison with competitors, illustrated through graphs, provides insight into the projected market dynamics.

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