Anticipating the Return of Iconic Automobiles: From Tata Sierra to Renault Duster - Top 5 Awaited Car Revivals

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By: Aquib Nawab


The Tata Sierra, a legendary name, is set to make a triumphant return. Tata Motors initially showcased the Sierra concept at the Auto Expo and has filed a design patent for Sierra EV. The electric version is expected to debut in 2025, with the ICE version to follow.

1 - Tata Sierra

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Leaked images of the Sierra's design hint at a resemblance to the second concept, underlining Tata's strong commitment to electric vehicles. The Sierra is built on Tata's Gen 2 architecture, promising innovation in its design and performance.

Tata Sierra Design

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2 - Mahindra Armada (Thar 5-door)

Mahindra's much-anticipated 5-door Thar, possibly named Armada, is in the works. This practical version of the Thar is expected to feature both petrol and diesel engine options, with manual and automatic transmissions, including a 4x4 variant. Look out for its launch, slated for 2024.

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Recent spy videos offer a glimpse into the design of the new Armada, paying homage to its iconic predecessor. The design elements hint at a blend of nostalgia and modernity, appealing to both old and new enthusiasts.

Mahindra Armada Design

Credits: Mahindra Team

Renault announces the return of the Duster SUV to the Indian market. The Duster, known for its pivotal role in popularizing compact SUVs, has undergone a complete transformation. Inspired by the Renault Bigster concept, it will be offered with petrol engine options, with an Indian launch expected in 2025.

3 - Renault Duster

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Renault Duster Redesign

The next-generation Duster boasts a radically fresh look compared to its predecessor. With a design inspired by the Bigster concept, it aims to set new standards in the compact SUV segment.

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The Ambassador nameplate finds a new lease of life under Groupe PSA for an upcoming electric vehicle. While details regarding the launch remain undisclosed, the return of the Ambassador holds the promise of a nostalgic yet sustainable future.

4 - Ambassador

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The iconic Contessa, famous for its muscular design, makes a potential return as an electric sedan. SG Corporate Mobility Pvt. Ltd. holds the name, and enthusiasts can't wait to see the revival of its distinctive boxy aesthetics.

5 - Contessa

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Contessa Design

The revival of Contessa's iconic design elements stirs anticipation among fans. As an electric vehicle, it aims to blend its classic charm with modern technology, but the launch date remains a mystery.

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