Evolution Unveiled: Honda Activa's Iconic Journey Through Time

Written By  Aquib Nawab

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1. Journey started in 2001

In 2001, Honda introduced its inaugural two-wheeler, the 100 cc Activa, to the Indian market. With an approximate price of Rs 36,000, it swiftly garnered widespread acclaim, amassing 55,000 sales within its inaugural year.

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2. Market Domination

By the fiscal year 2004-05, the Activa solidified its position as the frontrunner in the Indian scooter market. Achieving a significant milestone, it garnered a remarkable 1 million sales within a span of 55 months.

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3. Activa 125

In 2014, the Activa 125 was introduced alongside the Activa 3G, establishing itself as India's inaugural 125 cc scooter model. This development coincided with the Activa's ascent to become the preeminent two-wheeler in India, surpassing conventional motorcycles in sales volume.

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4. Activa 4G

In 2017, Honda unveiled the Activa 4G, ensuring compliance with BS4 regulations. The scooter, priced at approximately Rs 51,000 (ex-showroom) upon its release, marked a significant milestone in the brand's commitment to regulatory standards and consumer satisfaction.

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5. Advancements with Activa 5G

In 2018, the Activa 5G made its debut featuring a digital instrument cluster and a full LED headlamp, marking a significant advancement in its technology. Notably, the Deluxe variant was introduced alongside this iteration of the scooter.

Credits: chandigarh_dealz, Instagram

6. Transition to BS6

Six months ahead of schedule, Honda introduced the BS6-compliant Activa 125, boasting a remarkable 13% increase in mileage along with the addition of the innovative Silent Start feature.

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7. Activa 6G

Subsequent to the introduction of the BS6 Activa 125, Honda enhanced the 110 cc Activa to align with regulatory standards. This iteration incorporates an idling start/stop system and offers the choice of an optional 6-year extended warranty.

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8. Premium Edition

The Activa 125 was introduced with a distinguished Premium Edition variant featuring an exclusive dual-tone paint scheme, aimed at enhancing its aesthetic appeal and elevating its visual presence.

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9. 2023 Activa Launch

Honda has recently introduced the 2023 Activa in the Indian market, priced at Rs 74,536 (ex-showroom). This latest iteration of the scooter is offered in three variants, Standard, Deluxe, and the newly introduced H-Smart model.

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10. Key Fob Functions

The Smart Find functionality facilitates the precise location of the scooter within a 10-meter radius, whereas Smart Unlock permits access to the handle, seat, and fuel lid. Additionally, Smart Safe guarantees operability within a 2-meter span, while Smart Start initiates ignition within the same proximity.

Credits: Honda Thai

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