By: Aquib Nawab

Government of India Plans to Make ADAS Mandatory

Car Safety

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have gained popularity among premium vehicles, but mass economy models and commercial vehicles have been slow to adopt these safety technologies.

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MoRTH's Proposal for Mandatory ADAS

MoRTH has proposed making ADAS safety functions like 'blind spot monitoring' standard in various vehicle segments. This proposal also includes collision warning systems as per automotive industry standards.

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Moving Off Information System (MOIS)

MOIS is an inbuilt system aimed at alerting drivers to pedestrians, children, or cyclists in close proximity, with the goal of preventing potential collisions. It is similar to ADAS blind spot detection systems.

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Potential Safety Impact

The widespread implementation of ADAS in passenger car segments has the potential to significantly reduce road accidents in India. This is crucial given the alarming rise in road accidents in 2022.

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Alarming Road Accident Statistics in India

In 2022, road accidents in India increased by 12%, resulting in 4.6 lakh accidents and an average of 19 deaths every hour. 'Hit from Back' or blind spot-related accidents accounted for a significant portion of these incidents.

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Union Minister's Ambitious Target

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has set an ambitious goal to reduce fatal accidents in India by half by 2024. The implementation of mandatory ADAS is closely tied to achieving this target.


Benefits of Mandatory ADAS

Making ADAS mandatory in various vehicle segments offers several advantages, including enhanced road safety, a reduction in accidents, and lower fatality rates.

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