Battle of Sub-10L Performance: Honda Amaze vs. Renault Kiger

By Aquib Nawab

Performance enthusiasts have specific priorities when it comes to cars. They value factors like rapid acceleration, agile handling, optimal power delivery, and minimal turbo lag.

Performance Enthusiasts Seek

Both the Honda Amaze and Renault Kiger have found their place in the market. The Honda Amaze shines in the compact sedan segment, while the Renault Kiger impresses as a compact SUV.


Priced at ₹ 857,000 (as of 23 August 2023), it offers decent engine power and balanced handling. However, it lacks an advanced audio system and touchscreen.

Honda Amaze S CVT

For ₹ 878,000 (as of 23 August 2023), presents an upgrade from the S CVT. It boasts alloy wheels and a basic LCD touchscreen, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Honda Amaze VX

At ₹ 960,000 (as of 23 August 2023), it offers a smoother driving experience due to its CVT transmission. Performance remains consistent with other models.

Honda Amaze VX CVT

Priced at ₹ 878,000 (as of 23 August 2023), has slightly lower engine power but compensates with quick engine responsiveness. Its 205 mm ground clearance suits various terrains.

Renault Kiger RXT AMT Opt DT

At ₹ 958,000 (as of 23 August 2023), it is similar to the RXT variant. It comes with the added convenience of wireless charging while maintaining consistent performance metrics.

Renault Kiger RXZ AMT DT

For ₹ 1,000,000 (as of 23 August 2023), it stands out with significantly higher power and torque figures. The Arkamys audio system upgrade and alloy wheels add to its allure.

Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo

The Renault Kiger RXZ Turbo. Its powerful turbocharged engine delivers swift acceleration and a torquey drive experience. The high ground clearance and enhanced features make it a top choice.

Our Pick for Performance Enthusiasts