How to Increase the Fuel Economy of the Innova Hycross

By Aquib Nawab

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Prioritizing safety first, explaining fundamental driving safety practices. It unveils Innova Hycross's hybrid mechanics and the power of regenerative braking for better mileage.

1. Understanding the Innova Hycross

2. Eco Mode Optimization

Utilize Eco mode for smooth acceleration and deceleration to conserve energy and increase fuel efficiency.

Gentle braking not only extends brake lifespan but also capitalizes on regenerative braking for improved mileage.

3. Embrace Gradual Braking

Unloading unnecessary baggage reduces power demand, leading to enhanced fuel efficiency.

4. Lighten the Load

Maintain tire pressure as per manufacturer's recommendations to reduce rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

5. Tire Pressure Matters

Turn off unused electrical loads when driving alone or with fewer passengers to reduce strain on the engine and battery.

6. Smart Electrical Load Management

Adjust air conditioner settings based on weather conditions to minimize electrical load and improve fuel efficiency.

7. Air Conditioner Temperance

Avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration to optimize energy utilization for improved mileage.

8. Smooth Acceleration and Deceleration

Use "P" during traffic signals, "D" for standard driving, and "B" for enhanced regenerative braking to maximize fuel economy.

9. Gear Lever Intelligence

Utilize the vehicle's combination meter to monitor driving habits, reset trip averages, and evaluate the effectiveness of changes made.

10. Make Use of the Trip Computer