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Hyundai Cars on Amazon? Coming in 2024!


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1. Amazon's Entry into the Auto Market

Amazon has announced its entry into the US auto market, offering customers the ability to purchase vehicles online, marking a significant development in the retail giant's expansion efforts.

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2. Strategic Partnership with Hyundai

This partnership between Amazon and Hyundai aims to improve the car buying experience and integrate Amazon's Alexa into Hyundai's future vehicles, while also streamlining business operations using AWS.

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3. Hyundai's Digital Showroom on Amazon

Hyundai's journey with Amazon began in 2018 when it established a digital showroom on the platform, allowing customers to configure, calculate prices, and find nearby dealers, all within the Amazon ecosystem.

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4. Latest Digital Showroom

At the recent Los Angeles Auto Show, Hyundai unveiled the latest version of its digital showroom on Amazon, underlining the importance of this collaboration in the automotive industry.

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5. Future Integration with Alexa

Hyundai vehicle owners will have the exciting opportunity to integrate Amazon's Alexa voice assistant into their cars, ushering in a new era of enhanced connectivity and smart capabilities for car owners.

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6. Transforming Customer Experiences

Through this partnership, the goal is to transform customer experiences and streamline business operations by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), a pivotal aspect of this collaboration.

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7. Hyundai Motor CEO's Perspective

Hyundai Motor CEO Jay Chang expressed enthusiasm for this partnership, emphasizing how partnering with Amazon, opens up remarkable opportunities for growth and transition to electrification.

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8. Customer-Centric Approach

Partnering with Amazon, known for its focus on customer satisfaction, aligns with Hyundai's vision for growth towards electric vehicles, promising a customer-centric approach in the automotive industry.

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