Hyundai Venue vs Kia Sonet vs Maruti Suzuki Brezza under 12L - New Buyers

By Aquib Nawab

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First-time buyers seek safety, affordability, fuel efficiency, and ease of driving. Prefer compact, efficient cars with high ground clearance, safety features, and user-friendly technology.

First-Time Buyers Look For

Why These Three?

Venue, Sonet, Brezza: Modern design, safety, efficiency. Compact, confident, novice-friendly. ABS, sensors, power steering for safety & convenience.

Priced at ₹11,14,000, Brezza Vxi AT: ABS, crash warning, 190mm clearance, 19.89 kmpl highway mileage. User-friendly torque converter transmission.

Maruti Suzuki Brezza Vxi AT

At ₹10,44,000: Venue - 195mm clearance, lane-keeping assist (no curtain airbags). 16.8 kmpl mileage, rear parking camera for beginners.

Hyundai Venue S Opt Turbo iMT

Priced at ₹10,49,000: Sonet - 211mm clearance, push-button start (no lane-keeping assist). Decent 18.2 kmpl mileage, premium Arkamys audio.

Kia Sonet HTK Plus Turbo iMT

Brezza Vxi AT: Top choice for first-time buyers - ABS, crash warning, 190mm clearance, 19.89 kmpl, Torque converter transmission, Power steering, rear parking sensors, LCD touchscreen. Excellent value!

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