What sets them apart from each other?

by Kshitj Bisen

The trucks of America, Europe and India: Why So Different?

A Truck-load of Difference

Visually, they are so different! We know the Indian big truck. The European truck has a flat front and small cabin, while the American semi truck has a big hood, exhausts and massive cabin!

American Trucks

In America, size matters. These semi-trucks sport long noses and big wheelbases. American drivers often spend 12 hours or more in their trucks. Sometimes they stay on the road for weeks and months. So their cabins are all about driver comfort.

Cabins or apartments?

As drivers often sleep in their cabins and drive their trucks for weeks, the cabins of many semi trucks in the US are fully equipped like a studio apartment! They will have a bed, refrigerator, microwave, TV, computer and working desk and so on!

European Trucks

European roads are narrower, with winding city streets and tight parking spaces. That’s why you don't find long, big hoods on European trucks. So they have a 'cab-over-engine' layout as you can see on most Indian trcks too.  It allows for a shorter wheelbase and squared off design.

Indian Trucks

India’s road conditions are probably as diverse as the country is, which drives the design of trucks here. Like European trucks, Indian trucks also have a cab-over-engine layout.

A Home Away from Home

While Indian truckers too spend a lot of time on the road, Indian truck cabins are barely modern. Truckers make them as liveable as they can, though, as you can see here!

Indian trucks are getting modern too

Indian trucking is slowly modernising. There are automatic transmissions, ACs, comfortable cabins even ADAS (automated driver assistance systems) are beginning to appear. Women have also started taking up trucking jobs.

American Vs Indian Trucks

Regulatory constraints and weight restrictions in India mean lighter yet robust trucks. Here, fuel efficiency plays a significant role.

Design & Size

American trucks are larger and have elongated front noses, powerful engines, and great towing capacity. Indian trucks are compact, optimizing cargo space. They need to make their way through narrow city streets.

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Payload & Efficiency

American trucks handle substantial payloads, transporting large quantities of goods through vast distances. Indian trucks focus on optimizing efficiency and fuel economy given the stop-and-go nature of traffic.