India's first Maruti 800 restored to showroom condition

India's first Maruti 800 restored to showroom condition

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Who owned India's first Maruti 800?

The first ever Maruti 800 sold in India was bout by Mr. Harpal Singh, an Indian Airlines employee.  The keys to India’s first Maruti 800 were handed over by the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi.

Keys to the first 800!

That is Mr Harpal Singh receiving keys to the first Maruti 800. The car was famous among car enthusiasts for a long time, and was a feature in Delhi, where it was parked outside Harpal Singh's gate

India's most famous Maruti 800!

That is Mr Harpal Singh at gateway of India, one of the earliest photos of the car in India. Mr Singh passed away in 2010. After his death, the car was basically abandoned as there was no one to take care of it.

India's first 800: The sad years

News of the car in disrepair spread, and after a few years, Maruti Suzuki acquierd the car from the family. Afterwards, the company painfully restored the car back to factory condition.  It is now on display at the maruti HQ in Delhi.

Maruti acquires, restores the 800

This is what India's first Maruti 800 looks like now! Sweet, isn't it?

Restored Maruti 800 in all its glory

Four decades after it was launched, the first ever Maruti 800 lives again. We have a set of images of the restored 800 for you.

This is what the car looks like from the rear. The bumper, bonnet, headlamps, and turn indicators were all replaced. Many rusted panels were removed and replaced by Maruti as part of the project.

Rear View

Restored Interior of the first ever Maruti 800

Here is the fully restored interior. the interior does look charming. Even the instrument cluster has been restored.  It is extremely basic by today's standards, of course. But if you can own one, do it ti own a piece of history!

Restored rear seat

The spanking-new rear seat of the Maruti 800. The upholstery of the car was redone by Maruti. There is a chequered fabric in the middle with leatherette on the sides. The red piping on the seat gives it a retro look.

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