India's Road Tragedies: Are You at Risk?

By Aquib Nawab

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India's road infrastructure is rapidly evolving, with the introduction of world-class expressways and highways connecting every corner of the nation.

Road Infrastructure Development

Types of Fatal Accidents (2022)

In 2022, almost 19.5% of road fatalities occurred in rear-end collisions, making it a significant cause of concern.

Additionally, hit-and-run cases accounted for 18.1% of fatalities, while head-on collisions contributed to 15.7% of road deaths.

More Types of Fatal Accidents (2022)

Other Causes of Fatal Accidents (2022)

The report also highlights that 3.6% of deaths resulted from collisions with parked vehicles, 12.1% from side-impact collisions, and 5.9% from vehicles running off the road.

Alarming statistics reveal that 2022 witnessed a record high of 1.68 lakh road accident fatalities, translating to an average of 462 deaths every day.

Alarming Statistics

The fatality rate in 2022 saw a troubling 9% increase compared to the previous year and a staggering 11.5% higher than pre-pandemic 2019 levels.

Escalating Fatality Rates

A lack of proper driving etiquette in India has led to widespread issues, including frequent traffic signal violations and lane discipline problems.

Driving Etiquette and Road Behavior

Risks associated with two-wheelers include riders not wearing helmets and carrying passengers without proper safety measures, endangering their lives and others on the road.

Two-Wheeler Risks

To address these challenges, promoting road safety awareness, stricter enforcement of traffic rules, and individual responsibility for safer roads are crucial steps.

The Way Forward