India's Top 10 Fearless Female Motorcyclists

By Aquib Nawab

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Daughter of RA Abdullah, National Bike Racing Championship Runner-up, International Toyota Vios Cup Racer, and Advocate for Aspiring Female Racers.

Alisha Abdullah

Priyanka Kochhar

Model, Motorcycle Enthusiast, and Adventurer. She explores diverse bikes, embraces track days, and shares her thrilling journey through blogging.

Meet India's Premier Female Superbiker, Maral, with over 1.4 lakh kilometers under her belt. Her mission: Gender-neutral biking, safety gear advocacy, and responsible riding.

Maral Yazarloo

Dr. Neharika Yadav

Meet the Medical Marvel, conquering Buddh International Circuit on her Ducati Panigale 899 with a remarkable 2:23 lap time. She's also a Motocross enthusiast.

Sapna's Trackside Thrills: Her dedication to track days fuels skill enhancement. She made a career shift from interior design to run 'Let's Gear Up,' a Bangalore riding gear store.

Sapna Sukesh

Senior Marketing Manager, 'The Bikerni' Co-founder, and Spontaneous Biker. She fosters female biker connections, embarks on impromptu trips, and is revered for her motorcycle expertise.

Firdaus Shaikh

The Stunt Performer Extraordinaire, Sole Indian Stunt Athlete to Win Internationally. For her, biking transcends speed; it's an indescribable way of life.

Anam Hashim

Trailblazing Since Age 16, India's First Solo Kanyakumari to Kashmir Rider. Her remarkable journey inspires solo female travelers across India.

Roshni Sharma

Marketer by Trade, Biker at Heart. With six+ years of riding, she's ventured diverse terrains, embarking on epic journeys astride Harley XL 1200N Nightster and Indian Chief Vintage.

Sonia Jain

Drag Race Champion, Her Kawasaki Z800 dominated Valley Run with a 1.12-second lead. She's also the first Indian woman to attend the prestigious California Super Biking School.

Labdhi Shah