India's Top 10 Car Flops - Mahindra Nuvosport to Tata Bolt

By Aquib Nawab

Opel Vectra tried to wow with its features. Yet, its high cost and tricky maintenance made it a tough choice for the average Indian buyer

1. Opel Vectra

Fusion aimed to lead in crossovers. But, its unusual boxy design and fuel hunger didn't gel with the Indian car lover's expectations.

2. Ford Fusion

A hatchback with a big price tag? The SR-V was just that. Indians weren't ready to spend so much, making its run short-lived.

3. Chevrolet SR-V

"Mahindra hoped the revamped Nuvosport would be a hit in the SUV scene. But it couldn't stand out, getting lost in the crowd.

4. Mahindra Nuvosport

Tata Bolt followed the Tata Vista. But its too-similar look meant people saw it as 'just another Vista', causing it to lose its shine.

5. Tata Bolt

After the Lancer's success, Cedia came with big shoes to fill. Competing with the Honda City, it just couldn't catch up.

6. Mitsubishi Cedia

Spacey but boxy, Evalia couldn't charm buyers. Its high price against rivals like Ertiga didn't help its case either.

7. Nissan Evalia

Captur looked good on paper. But in reality, its crossover design couldn't pull the crowds away from favorites like Duster.

8. Renault Captur

Datsun's Go+ offered more seats. However, its budget cuts made it look and feel cheap, pushing people away.

9. Datsun Go+

Urban Cross was Fiat's answer to feedback on Avventura. But with Fiat's shaky image, this car didn't see much daylight.

10. Fiat Urban Cross