India's Top 10 Hilarious Signboard Blunders

Road Signs

By Aquib Nawab

In New Delhi, a sign that was meant to say "Accident Prone Area" ends up reading "Accident Porn Area Go Slow," eliciting laughter all around.

Accident Porn Area Go Slow

Kerala's notorious road sign confusion, where you can choose any of three roads to reach the same destination.

All Roads Lead to...

The power of a single letter: "Chick Point" instead of "Checkpoint." Wondering how such mistakes go unnoticed by authorities.

Check Point

The comedy of location: a sign with a downward arrow pointing towards what looks like a sewage hole.

Drive Underground

Another misspelled sign board that's both confusing and comical. From "porn areas" to "heavy erections," these sign-makers have an interesting vocabulary.

Caution! Heavy Erection!

When "Be Wise Obey Traffic Rules" becomes "Be Wish Obey Traffic Rules. "An example of how one letter can alter the entire message.

As You Wish

An unusual request: "Park on Footpath Only!" Authorities actually want you to avoid parking on the footpath, but the sign suggests otherwise.

Park on Footpath Only!

A signboard that informs you of a place you might have already passed. The mix-up between "ahead" and "before" leads to utter confusion.


A single letter turns "cuts" into "cute," creating a puzzling sign. Demonstrating how small typos can change a sign's meaning.

That’s Cute!

Stressing the importance of slow driving on curvaceous mountain roads, even though "curvaceous" is spelled as "curveceous."

Curves Are Beautiful