India's Top 10 Outlandish Vehicles

Car Model

By Aquib Nawab

Force Motors' '60s three-wheeler thrives on city roads and rural paths with its unique 452cc front-wheel petrol engine.

Tempo Hanseat

Next up is the Hindustan Trekker. This vehicle, born from the components of the popular Ambassador, is a rare sight on Indian roads today.

Hindustran Trekker

The Hindustan Motors Veer was an attempt to diversify the brand's portfolio. Based on the Ambassador, it aimed to attract a different set of customers but did not find much success.

Hindustan Veer

Inspired by the iconic Reliant Robin, boasts a unique fiberglass body that gives it the appearance of a toy car. Its power comes from a 198cc two-stroke petrol engine.

Sipani Badal

Designed as a basic and affordable version of the Tata Sumo, primarily targeted Tier-II and Tier-III city customers. It was powered by a 3.0-litre diesel engine.

Tata Spacio

An option for three-wheeler customers, featured a 442cc single-cylinder diesel engine with 9 Bhp of power and 21.5 Nm of torque.

Mahindra Gio

It was tailored for rural customers, functioning as a people carrier, goods transporter, and even a generator. It was equipped with a Greaves 510cc single-cylinder engine.

Polatis Multix

A low-cost vehicle is not manufactured by any specific company. It is a unique assembly of components from various vehicles, often showcasing significant variations. You can frequently spot these vehicles in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.


Gained popularity in recent years, serving as a simple means of last-mile connectivity and goods transportation. They are powered by electric motors, and operators do not need a valid driving license.


Designed to navigate narrow lanes, is a three-wheeler known for its cost-effectiveness. Some variants run on petrol, CNG, while others are equipped with diesel engines.