Kinetic Luna's Electric Comeback: The Classic Gets an EV Makeover

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By: Aquib Nawab


Back in 1972, India got a special scooter called Kinetic Luna. Now, in today's time, Kinetic Green, which is a part of Kinetic Engineering and makes electric vehicles, has brought back this scooter as an electric version. You can buy it on Amazon.

Electric and Available on Amazon!

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The boss of Kinetic Green, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, said the Luna is coming back, but this time it's electric. You can buy it from February 2024, and booking starts on January 26, 2024. It has cool features, works great, and helps the environment. People in India will find it useful.

Kinetic Green E-Luna

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Key Features

You can buy the E-Luna on Amazon. It comes with a battery that lets you drive up to 110 kilometers. It takes about 4 hours to charge the battery fully. You can choose from two colors: black and ocean blue.

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A long time ago, before things changed a lot in India, there was a special scooter called Luna. It came out in 1972 and was the first moped in the country. Luna looked different because it was a mix of a bicycle and a motorbike, and people really liked it.

Luna's Historical Significance

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The Luna scooter was slim and cleverly made. It was not just easy to ride, but it also showed how India was changing from bicycles to motorcycles. Its unique look made it different from other vehicles in the market.

Luna's Unique Design

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Arun Firodia's Vision

The person who thought of Luna, Arun Firodia, had a tough job. He needed to make a strong and light vehicle that could handle India's tough roads. He used new ideas and tested it a lot on bumpy roads with his team.

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To make sure Luna was strong and wouldn't break easily, they tested it really hard. They drove it on bad roads, in dusty places, with not-so-good fuel, and even put too much weight on it. The good news is, it became a tough scooter for city travels!

Testing and Development

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Luna became super popular because of the "Chal Meri Luna" ads. These ads showed that Luna was tough and dependable, making it a favorite choice for everyone's daily travels.

"Chal Meri Luna" Campaign

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Luna's Comeback

Kinetic Green has brought back Luna as an electric scooter. It still has the old charm but with new features that are good for the environment. It's a trip down memory lane for some and a way to enjoy Luna again.

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The Electric Kinetic Luna is a modern tribute to a classic. It embodies India's automotive history and heritage, now reborn in an eco-friendly form. You can find it on Amazon and relive the Luna experience.

An Eco-Friendly Classic

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