Mahindra to Incorporate Volkswagen's Electric Motor in Thar.e and BE SUVs

By Aquib Nawab

Car Models

Mahindra's INGLO platform flawlessly integrates Volkswagen's APP550 motor, powering upcoming electric SUVs like the BE.05 in 2025.

Mahindra's INGLO Platform

Performance Specifications

The APP550 electric motor promises an electrifying experience with 286 bhp power and 550 Nm torque, a substantial improvement over previous Volkswagen motors.

Volkswagen's motor enhancements for higher torque: advanced stators, stronger rotor magnets, and reinforced structures to meet power and torque demands.

Enhancements in Motor Design

Thermal Management

The APP550 motor excels with a thermal system using the vehicle's coolant circuit for precise temperature control, optimizing performance and efficiency.

APP550 motor production starts in Germany's Kassel plant. Potential Indian production hints at global demand, with specifics yet to be confirmed.

Production Location

Mahindra's partnership with Volkswagen is just the beginning. Volkswagen's open approach to sharing the APP550 motor could reshape the entire auto industry.

Availability to Other Manufacturers

The Mahindra Thar.e, an electrified version of the popular off-roader, will feature the cutting-edge APP550 motor, promising an electrifying off-road experience.

Mahindra Thar.e