Swift vs Magnite vs  Fronx: Performance Variants under 10 Lakh

By Aquib Nawab

Performance enthusiasts seek quick acceleration, robust engines, agility, and responsive handling in a car for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Performance Enthusiasts Look for

Maruti Swift's peppy engine, Nissan Magnite's rapid acceleration, and Fronx's stable handling cater to adrenaline junkies with power and precision.

Why are they Popular

At ₹884,000, Swift's 1197cc engine delivers 88.5 BHP for a thrilling, stable high-speed performance with agile handling and minimal body roll.

Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI Plus AGS

Priced at ₹898,000, this variant matches AGS performance, delivering a thrilling ride with agility and power, earning its spot on the list.

Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI Plus DT AGS

Priced at ₹992,000, this variant boasts a 3-cylinder 999cc engine producing 98.63 BHP. Quick acceleration and 205 Nm torque guarantee brisk rides, with a confident high-speed demeanor.

Nissan Magnite Turbo XV Premium Opt

Priced at ₹1,000,000, this variant offers improved acceleration over Premium Opt while maintaining an exhilarating experience with slightly reduced torque.

Nissan Magnite Turbo CVT XV Red Edition

Priced at ₹888,000, it offers stable handling, but its 1197cc engine and moderate acceleration may not be the top pick for thrill-seekers.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Delta Plus AMT

Priced at ₹972,000, it's an enticing choice for enthusiasts with agility, a 998cc engine, and a power output of 98.69 BHP.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx Delta Plus Turbo

Nissan Magnite Turbo XV Premium Opt stands out with its 3-cylinder engine, 10.62s 0-60 km/h acceleration, 205 Nm torque, agile handling, and excellent ground clearance.

Our Pick for the Best Variant