Meet Sudus Custom, the Miniature Car Maker from India!

By Aquib Nawab

Miniature Models

Meet Rakesh Babu, Sudus Custom's creative genius known for crafting internet-famous miniature vehicles like the electric mini Jeep, showcasing remarkable craftsmanship.

1. Electric Jeep by Sudus Custom

Crafting of Electric Jeep

Rakesh crafts kid-friendly mini Jeeps, electric-powered for safety. Battery placement, converter, and unique drive system ensure a smooth experience. Charging in 7 hours with an accessible port.

Custom ladder Chassis, two stroke Suzuki Engine, 30 km/l Efficiency, Handmade Body, Unique Features, 3 Months Dedication: Rakesh's Beetle masterpiece!

2. Homemade Volkswagen Beetle

Rakesh's car uses recycled parts creatively. Auto Rickshaw wheels, durable polycarbonate windshield, projector headlamps, vintage chrome accents - all imagined to bring dreams to life!

Crafting a Classic

Rakesh Babu crafts every part, panel, and detail, echoing the vintage Vijai Super. Sky blue paint, precision work, custom-made excellence!

3. Electric Scooter: A Vijai Super Vintage Replica

Repurposed scooter parts, vintage aesthetics, strategic battery placement, creative resourcing. 48V system, hub motor. Homemade but not road-legal, the certification process is complex.

Crafting the Electric Scooter

India’s First electric miniature version of the iconic Land Rover Series 3, which functions just like the real thing.

4. Land Rover Defender Series 3 Miniature

SUV frame: Metal pipes, precise design, TVS XL100 headlamps, Army Green paint, child-friendly features, custom steering, 750W motor, disc brakes.

Detailed Craftsmanship

Rakesh used Red Colour and Included slightly wider tyres and blacked-out steel rim and innovative black bumper.

5. Land Rover Defender Series 3 SUV Miniature

Crafted with Metal Pipes, Chrome Grille, Sheets, TVS Headlamps, Maruti Steering, 750W Electric Power, Dashboard Controls, Cluster, 8-Hour Charging - Precision & Realism.

Material Used