We review India's cheapest EV, MG Comet

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We drove the MG Comet in city traffic to figure out if this car this tiny car is  perfect for urban commuters.

The new MG Comet EV is only 2.94 metres long. The small size attracts a lot of attention on the road!

Despite its small size, interior space is ample. It is very well organised inside.

Since it is a four-seater and rear passengers use the front doors to enter the seats, the doors are really wide.

The wheels are small, and has 12 inch tyres. That is perfectly fine, if your city has decent roads.

There is no creep mode in the Comet. So in traffic, you have to depress the accelerator to move.

Overall, this is a car you should definitely check out if you need an EV for your daily city commutes.

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