Modified Hindustan Ambassador cars from across India

By Aquib Nawab

Bike Models

A classic Ambassador with a twist. Modern parts meet old-world charm. Features LED headlamps and a custom exhaust system for added power. A Metallic Ash paint job adds a touch of class.

Charm Meets Modernity

Mean Green Makeover

A vibrant transformation! Ceramic Pro Calicut restores a 1969 Mark-II Ambassador with metallic-green paint, clear lens indicators, and multi-spoke alloy wheels.

Ideal for daily use. Features power steering, rear camera, power windows, and Bluetooth infotainment system. The diamond-stitched brick leather interior complements the new exterior paint and alloy wheels.

Class act

A rare sight! Kit Up! gives an Ambassador a stunning matte black makeover. Chrome accents on hubcaps, headlamps, grille, and bumper. Plush all-new leather upholstery inside.

Matte Black Elegance

A performance-oriented twist! Karanraj Shah of KS Motorsports unleashes a 300-BHP Ambassador, powered by a heavily retuned 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine. The ultimate power upgrade.

The Turbo Ambassador

The perfect blend of classic charm and modern convenience in this meticulously customized Hindustan Ambassador sedan, featuring elegant exterior modifications and a 360-degree camera.

Ambassador with 360 camera

Witness the rebirth of a classic icon as this Hindustan Ambassador sedan exudes a premium aura with its deep blue finish, LED upgrades, and luxurious interior transformation.

Modded Ambassador looks premium

Step back in time and into the future with this beautifully restored 1986 Hindustan Ambassador, combining vintage charm with modern comforts and enhanced performance from a Toyota Diesel engine.

Ambassador with Toyota Diesel engine