When an SUV is Better Than a Luxury Car: Motilal Oswal Buys a Safari Dark Edition

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By: Aquib Nawab


Motilal Oswal is a famous businessman in India. He owns a company called Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, which provides many different financial services. This company is very old and well-respected in India, especially in the stock trading industry.

Motilal Oswal and His Business

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In India, rich people usually buy fancy cars to show they're successful. But Motilal Oswal is different. He picked a simple Tata Safari Dark Edition instead of an expensive one to drive around.

A Surprising Choice

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The Delivery Day

A car company from Mumbai, "The Auto Lounge India," shared pictures on social media. These photos show Motilal Oswal getting his new Tata Safari Dark Edition car delivered to his home. You can see how happy and excited he is to get his new car.

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The Tata Safari Dark Edition that Motilal Oswal picked is the fanciest one they have. It's painted in a cool black color, and everything on the outside, like the grille and lights, is also black. It even has big 19-inch black wheels.

The Dark Edition

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This type of Tata Safari doesn't just look cool on the outside, it also has a smooth and stylish design. The Oberon black paint and the blacked-out parts make it stand out and look very fancy.

Exterior Details

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Luxurious Interior

The inside of the Tata Safari Dark Edition has everything in black. The seats are covered with smooth black leather, and there are shiny black details. This fancy interior makes the car look nice and feel cozy.

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The Tata Safari Dark Edition comes with lots of cool stuff like a big 10.25-inch screen, a 12.3-inch touchscreen for music and stuff, a huge sunroof, seats that can move and keep you cool, a charger without wires, super sound with 10 speakers, and a strong engine.

Advanced Features

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In some important news, both the Tata Harrier and Tata Safari cars got a top 5-star safety rating. They were tested by Global NCAP, a group that checks how safe cars are in crashes. These tests happened in India and showed that these cars are really safe.

Safety First

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Bharat NCAP

In August 2023, India introduced Bharat NCAP to test car safety and give ratings. Global NCAP stopped their "Safer Cars for India" program because of it, to ensure proper safety ratings for Indian cars.

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Motilal Oswal's decision to drive a Tata Safari Dark Edition shows that not all rich Indian businessmen want flashy luxury cars. Also, Bharat NCAP makes Indian roads safer and sets safety rules for all cars.

A Humble Choice for a Successful Businessman

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