Nitin Gadkari Launches Bharat NCAP Crash Test Ratings: Key Details

By Aquib Nawab

The Indian government has introduced the Bharat New Car Assessment Program (B-NCAP) to enhance vehicle safety in India. Launched by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, the program is set to take effect from October 1, 2023.


B-NCAP assigns star ratings for Adult and Child Occupant safety, aiding consumers in comparing car safety standards effortlessly.

Safety Star Ratings

Manufacturers and importers submit FORM 70-A to the government agency. Tests cover front, side, and pole impacts. EVs, initially excluded, will join soon.

Testing Procedures

Hyundai India, a prominent automaker, applauds B-NCAP, highlighting its dedication to safety standards. Their statement: 'We're confident this will elevate safety on Indian roads.'

Industry Response

B-NCAP randomly selects cars from manufacturer base variants, conducts crash tests with manufacturer reps, secures committee approval, and earns CIRT certification.

Testing Process

B-NCAP protocol aligns with global NCAP standards, covering front, side, and pole impact tests. Safety features like ESP and pedestrian protection ensure safer Indian roads.

Rating System