Online Payments from Your Car's Infotainment System in India

By Aquib Nawab

Car Models

ToneTag's 'Pay-by-Car' innovation, unveiled at Global Fintech Fest on an MG Hector, transforms in-car payments for a wallet-free, secure future.

Pay by Car

Collaboration with NPCI

ToneTag, in partnership with NPCI, enables voice payments through car infotainment. Simplifying transactions, enhancing convenience, even at BPCL fuel stations.

Pay-by-Car users easily select nearby BPCL pumps via the infotainment system, simplifying fuel station choices with intuitive ease.

1. Fuel Payments Made Easy

After choosing the station, the system prompts users to specify their fuel payment amount, granting personalized control over transactions.

2. Customizable Payments

Upon payment confirmation, the selected pump receives a real-time refill request, fostering smooth and efficient car-to-station communication.

3. Seamless Notification

Pay-by-Car deducts payment using UPI linked to the FASTag, with confirmation options: car screen password or voice commands for added security.

4. Fast and Secure Deductions

Provision for refunds if users face station access issues. Refunded amount initiated within 48 hours, providing peace of mind.

5. Refund Provision

Pay-by-Car uses high-wave frequency and ONDC for secure, contactless transactions. Innovating for security and convenient payments.

Expanding Beyond Fuel Payments

Pay-by-Car: Beyond fuel payments, it's versatile for cafes, groceries, and more. ToneTag-NPCI partnership advances voice payments in cars, removing wallet dependence.

Future Prospects