By: Aquib Nawab

Rohit Roy Buys The Ultraviolette F77 EV Bike


Credits: Cartoq

Meet Rohit Roy

A renowned television and film actor, who has embraced the electric vehicle trend by acquiring a brand new Ultraviolette F77 electric bike.

Credits: hamaraphotos

Rohit Roy's Electric Ride

In his latest endeavor, Rohit Roy opted for the Ultraviolette F77 EV bike, specifically the limited edition Space Edition model. This Space Edition pays homage to India's Chandrayan 3 space mission and boasts several exclusive features.

Credits: Cartoq

Limited Edition Excellence

The Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition is ultra-exclusive, limited to just 10 units. Astoundingly, all 10 were booked within an hour of online availability. Distinguished by a stunning Cosmic White color and crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum.

Credits: Cartoq

A Closer Look

Close-up of F77 Space Ed. shows subtle enhancements and unique paint. Crafted from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum for robustness. Each has a '1 of 10' label on the charging port lid.

Credits: Ultraviolette

Ultraviolette's Journey

Ultraviolette's journey into the electric vehicle market began with the introduction of the F77 electric bike. This innovative vehicle was launched with a starting price of the regular F77 and introduced key specifications to the market.

Credits: Cartoq

Power and Performance

The Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition impresses with its power and performance. 0-100 kmph in 7.8 seconds, top speed of 152 kmph, and a certified range of 307 km – truly remarkable for an electric motorcycle.

Credits: Ultraviolette

Cutting-Edge Features

The Ultraviolette F77 boasts cutting-edge features: active battery cooling, LED lights, advanced suspension, superior brakes. Its TFT display, 3 riding modes, and connectivity enhance the riding experience.

Credits: Ultraviolette

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