Seltos vs Grand Vitara vs Hyryder for performance enthusiasts

By Aquib Nawab

Yearning for speed & power: quick acceleration, weight handling, stability, uphill prowess even with AC, agile turns, smooth gear shifts, precise steering, brakes.

What Performance Enthusiasts Look For?

Toyota Urban Cruiser: Reliable hybrid performance, efficient yet engaging. Maruti Grand Vitara: Hybrid efficiency meets spirited drive. Kia Seltos: Adaptive modes for city & highway dynamism.

Why These Models Stand Out

Priced at ₹19,35,000 (as of 29th August 2023), robust 158 BHP engine for spirited acceleration, stable high-speed. Linear power, 6-speed manual for direct control, heightened driving engagement.

Kia Seltos HTX Plus DCT

Priced at ₹19,95,000 (as of 29th August 2023), it boasts a strong hybrid system for efficiency and performance. Engine output is 91.18 BHP with an eCVT transmission for a smooth ride. High-speed stability is a strong suit of this model.

Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara Alpha Plus Hybrid CVT

Priced at ₹19,49,000 (as of 29th August 2023), it emphasizes hybrid efficiency and offers an engine output of 91.18 BHP. Linear power delivery is facilitated by the eCVT transmission, stable high-speed, glossy exterior appeal to enthusiasts.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder V HYBRID

Kia Seltos HTX Plus DCT as the top choice. 158 BHP engine for power, 0-60 km/h 'moderate' acceleration, 190 km/h top speed. Stable at high speeds, linear power, 6-speed manual control.

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