Skoda Slavia vs Hyundai Venue N Line: Performance Variants Under Rs 15 Lakh

By Aquib Nawab

Performance enthusiasts seek rapid acceleration, power, agility, and responsive handling, creating a thrilling driving experience.

What Performance Enthusiasts Look For?

Skoda Slavia's TSI engine offers brisk acceleration, while Hyundai Venue N Line's turbocharged engine delivers an agile drive.

Why they Stand Out

At ₹13,19,000, it offers 113.98 BHP, 178 Nm torque for rapid acceleration, agile handling, and linear power delivery.

Skoda Slavia 1.0 TSI Ambition

Priced at ₹14,49,000, this automatic matches manual power but adds a torque converter for smoother gear shifts, enhancing spirited drives.

Skoda Slavia 1.0 TSI Ambition AT

At ₹14,94,000, it embodies Skoda's best performance, boasting 147.51 BHP and a massive 250 Nm torque for raw power seekers.

Skoda Slavia 1.5 TSI Ambition

₹12.67L Venue N Line: 118.41 BHP, 172 Nm torque, DCT for swift shifts, perfect for performance enthusiasts!

Hyundai Venue N Line N6 turbo DCT

N8 versions: ₹13.66L & ₹13.81L respectively, retain N6 power, upgrade with performance and luxury features.

Hyundai Venue N Line N8 turbo DCT & DCT DT:

Skoda Slavia 1.5 TSI Ambition: 147.51 BHP, 250 Nm torque, ideal for performance enthusiasts seeking thrilling power and agility.

Our Pick for Performance Enthusiasts