The odd cars that fascinated and inspired

The odd cars that fascinated and inspired

You can see the origins of many modern cars in these old, odd cars!

BMW Isetta - 1955

Originally madeby Iso SpA in Italy, BMW agreed to license and produce it. It had a 247 cc single cylinder engine that produced 13 horsepower. 

This is how you entered and sat in it!

The front door held the steering wheel and it would move with the door when it was opened to allow entry into the car. Today, it is a highly desired odd classic car.

Oeulef Electrique - 1942

An EV from the 1940s!  Sadly it did not succeed - mostly due to the second World War.

Another odd urban car. It had a single door and was powered by a tiny 49cc engine that produced 4.5 horsepower. It had seating only for one driver!

Peel P50

This 1955 car shows that time's fascination with aircraft and streamlining. And this you have this concept car that almost looks like a fighter plane. It had a unique gas turbine engine too!

Chrysler (Ghia) Streamline X 'Gilda'

Classic sportscar with no top, open to the elements! A v8 engine under the good. This car became the inspiration for the hot rod culture of United States, and the design and lines are still seen on them today!

1932 Ford Speedster

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